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Our resources provide a fun, creative way of inspiring a child's journey of exploration and discovery through arts & crafts, hands-on activities, music, games, science experiments and so much more.

With Lesson Library, smiles are genuine and laughter fills the air as children explore the world around them, building up a love of learning through fun and games.


What Exactly Do We Provide?


  • Our Resources include lots of theme packs organised into topics such as pirates, dinosaurs, rainforests, my body, etc, which contain hands-on activities such as arts & crafts, games, music, drama and science experiments to help you learn. We also have lots of worksheets for Maths and English.



FaerieDanceWho can use Lesson Library?

Absolutely anyone who wants to! We believe that everyone in the world should be able to access learning resources, and we want to make all our work available to anyone who needs it.



ForestPlayCome and see what we do

How can you find out if Lesson Library is for you?

Simply enter the site and check out our free resources.

You'll find lots of resources for children aged 3-12. We use fun activities such as arts & crafts, music, games, science experiments, projects, rhymes and so much more to engage the interest of the children in learning as they explore the world around them.

We also have colourful, engaging worksheets for English and Maths.


Our History

Lesson Library is an award-winning educational company with a five year track record in providing online educational resources to families around the world.

We won the Top Homeschooling Curriculum award for 2013 from, the largest Homeschooling Organisation in the USA (quite an achievement for a British business!)M-HScom-Top-products

Our learning resources are used by families around the world. To date, Lesson Library is used by families in the UK, USA, South Korea, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Croatia, Canada, Honduras, Italy, Republic of the Philippines, Malaysia, India, South Africa, The U.S. Virgin Islands, Pakistan, Singapore, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Republic of Cameroon and the Ukraine.




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